Skyler Young headshot

Skyler Young


As former owner of Wet-Hat Web Design, Skyler has over 10 years of experience in website development and management. In addition to his website technology experience, he is also experienced in recording and making special film effects. His specialty is creating digital products designed for computers using computers.

Benjamin Record headshot

Benjamin Record


Ben has over 7 years of experience in management, leadership, project management, and business development. As a serial entrepreneur, he brings in a wealth of knowledge and has a proven track record of creating efficiencies, increasing profitability, implementing improved and new processes and providing strategic direction. His specialty is building and developing relationships, and solving problems.

Leah Lakey headshot

Leah Lakey


As Site Savvy’s dedicated client communications expert, Leah is an outcome-focused team player with over 7 years experience managing client projects and completing general business and marketing tasks. Continually focused on leadership mentorship and self-improvement, she takes any opportunity she can to learn more and empower clients to improve their workflows.

We are also a cadre of US based contractors and experts in marketing and development, roughly 8 strong. Site Savvy started operating in 2015.

Our team is nimble, and has the synergy to create a custom online experience that is useful and engaging for your target audience!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Site Savvy has a history of working to bring a culture of innovation and inclusion to life within our business and in our local communities. We are proud of our strong history of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Site Savvy is not only committed to attracting and retaining a diverse staff but also to honoring diverse experiences, perspectives and unique identities. Together, our team strives to optimize partnerships that are inclusive, equitable and welcoming. This includes a commitment of working toward building and sustaining an equitable and inclusive work environment where all forms of diversity are celebrated and valued. We believe diversity benefits and enriches the development of all of our employees, business partners, customers and communities where we serve.