Site Savvy can help you with your online marketing needs in Yakima or Washington state. From social media management, video podcasts, blogging, newsletters, Facebook Ads, and almost anything in between.


We record one (1) video podcast with you per month and give your clients 3 different ways to consume your content through video,  audio, and reading! You now have a whole months worth of social media content from one video.

Talk about saving time and being efficient 💪

Our #1 Requirement from You

If you can commit to sitting down once a month to talk about your business in front of a camera, then we can work with you.

Not sure what you'll be talking about? That's okay, that's what you're hiring us for.

We build out detailed marketing calendars for you to look at for the whole year on topics to talk about, prepare for, and work on getting guests to join. (because 2 people is more engaging than 1!)

Learn more about our Online Marketing Process where we walk you through our systems on a whiteboard.

Benefits of social media marketing.

  • Brand recognition and authority
  • Increased traffic
  • Market awareness
  • Better Search engine ranking (learn more about SEO Site Ranking)
  • Content distribution channel

Why choose us.

  • Market research
  • Regular posting cadence
  • Consistent and creative brand copy and imaging
  • Custom ad creation and ongoing management
  • Detailed response plan
  • Social media training with you and your staff

1. Watch | Video Podcasts + Reels

Video is the highest form of marketing! I don't need to prove it; just look around. The majority of people looking at their phones nowadays are most likely scrolling TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, or Youtube shorts.

Video marketing is powerful and it's where everyone is - which means that's where YOUR company needs to be.

"Watching compelling presentations and videos can turn a visitor into a lead (or a lead into a client), instead of just reading the same message. Conveying the right impression through video is a powerful marketing tool."

After we finish editing your 30 min+ podcast, we upload them to Youtube, the #2 search engine out there! Then we go back through and cherry pick 10-15 short clips from that podcast and schedule them out for the month on all of your social platforms that you'd like to use: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube shorts, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Being the business owner means you are the face and voice of your company.

Help us help you!

The biggest difference between us and our competitors is understanding how important it is for your brand to actually sound like you; we want to use your voice. We don't want it sounding like someone else, especially someone who doesn't know your authentic identity.


Question: why would you give all the reigns of your online brand to someone who doesn't know anything about your company, your culture, your values, and how you really do business?

The biggest pain point we've experienced alongside clients has been simply obtaining written content. So we thought:

"Business owners talk to clients and employees every single day answering questions and talking about their services. Why not just sit them in front of a camera and let them do what they do best? Talk."

​You talk about what you do, and we'll take care of the rest.

2. Listen | Spotify Podcasts

It doesn't stop at video! There are three distinct ways people learn which is why we follow the 'Watch, Listen, Read' method. It gives everyone an opportunity to consume your content in the form that works best for them.

Not only are we using your time extremely efficiently, we are spreading your podcast as far as we can to reach as many people as we can!

If your audience doesn't watch a lot of videos but maybe they're on the road often or are avid podcast listeners, then they can still listen to your podcast.

We setup a Spotify account for you and at the same time we're uploading it to Youtube, we're also uploading to Spotify.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 7.24.00 AM

3. Read | Blog Posts, Website Written Content

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 11.59.16 PM

LGP Law - a Yakima law firm who didn't have written content for their personal injury service page, so we used the content from their podcast episode on that exact topic!

This piece right here is going to be the primary reason that your website will climb in rankings on Google.

Uploading your podcast to Youtube and Spotify are great ways to get peoples attention and build your brand recognition. But all forms of marketing should really be pointing people back TO YOUR WEBSITE as that is the only platform that you truly own and is where you want to build a system that converts them into clients. So you want ALL funnels going back there.

And when people are going to search for your services or product, they're most likely going to start on the #1 search engine in the world,

Google LOVES consistent written content and specific keywords being added to your website. On top of your video and your audio podcast, we ALSO take a transcription of what you said in the podcast and turn it into about a 1,500 word blog post that is going to immensely help out your sites search engine optimization.

People talk and listen differently than when they read; so it really is an art to take a word-for-word transcription and turn it into something that is legible, easy to follow, has headings to break up the text and give direction, supporting links, references, images, a call to action at the end, and all topped off with some research on the best keywords to use throughout the post so you're really targeting the audience you're trying to reach.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 12.00.14 AM

Simply Jesus Church - A local church in Yakima; turning their podcast into a blog post!

Can I just point out how efficient this is? 🤯

One (1) hour of talking in front of a camera and you're able to push out three major pillars of content that increases your brand recognition, increases SEO, and dominates all platforms?

Every. Single. Month.

Website Specialists + Online Marketing

We initially started Site Savvy in 2015 to create and manage our clients websites. Over time we've become more involved in search engine optimization (SEO) and other creative ways to make your website stand out.

Now that we're adding an online marketing service, we have a lot of background insight that will help propel effective results as we add more marketing channels.

Check out our Online Marketing Services podcast with Skyler, Ben, and Leah where you get to learn a little more of our background and why you would want to work with a company that isn't just only going to create nice pretty social posts and videos for you, but really understands how the internet and your website work, and making sure we're connecting them all together.