3 Ways to Improve Your Team Morale Today

As a manager, you have an important role in trying to keep your employees motivated at work. Sometimes, there’re not many things a manager can do in terms of changing compensation or providing promotions. However, there are ways for you to boost your team’s morale.

I would like to share with you (3) three successful tools that you can use to build your team confidence and show them that they are the valued part of a team.

1) Help them see the value of the work they do

How often do you think a fast food restaurant manager explains the immense value of a fast-food assembly line provides to the restaurant? Also, explaining the value of why taking orders, food prep, and food delivery is broken down into different stations. Showing them that by excelling at their jobs, they help create those memories for families of their child playing with a kid’s meal toy.

My guess would be not many. However, if I were working at a fast-food restaurant where the manager gave our team a pep talk like we were a part of an army food supply chain. Then, he or she explained to us that by working as a team, we were able to serve way more people than individually. I’m pretty sure our work would be a lot more fun and it would feel better mentally, especially when we have to deal with some incredibly rude people.

No additional wages were handed out, but a huge value was placed on the work each employee did. Moreover, they could see how their roles and work had such a big impact on the company as a whole, in the big picture.

2) Swap stories with your team in the morning

Sharing our life stories will bond our team together.

Please don’t forget that we are all human and have our lives outside of work. One of my favorite things about my previous manager was her ability and willingness to share her personal embarrassing stories as we started our day. Then, she took her time to listen to how our weekends or previous evenings went. Work got hectic sometimes, but thanks to those morning talks that bonded us together, we were reminded that we were all human and things would be better. Please remember to keep your stories professional, but a lot can come from a little vulnerability. 

3) Remind your team that you truly appreciate them and what they do

Thank you card is one of the great ways to show your appreciation to you team.

Good leaders always find ways to show their appreciation to their team. From thank you cards to surprise them with their favorite coffee, showing your employees that you recognize and appreciate their hard work will foster a strong-bonded team. If your employees are confident in their abilities and the value they bring to the team and the company’s success, they will be driven to maintain their great work and the company’s success.

Are there any more ways employers can do to boost up their team morale? Share this if you like it. If you have any ideas and/or suggestions for Site Savvy, please leave a comment down there!


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Feb 21, 2019

Ben Record