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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over?

During our annual meeting, we talked about artificial intelligence since it really opened itself to the public last year. I’m sure you’ve all seen it; AI generating image filters on Tiktok to AI generating written content like ChatGPT – Some people are thrilled because of all the things you can create and some are wary.…

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2023 Executive Planning Session: We Have a Plan, Do You?

Have you started planning for the new year? Having a plan of action with your team is an absolute must when entering the new year. We highly recommend meeting in person for these in-depth discussions rather than Zoom calls. Zoom has been a default of ours lately with Ben living out of town and both…

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Where We Started

This was back in 2015, just a year of being in business, when Skyler and Leah competed in The Enterprise Challenge hosted by the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce. It was a phenomenal experience and we recommend it to anyone that needs help building their foundation and business plan. We made so many great connections…

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