TIP OF THE MONTH | Plan out your marketing calendar

December is here! It’s the height of the holiday season and the Month of Giving which pairs well with all of this end-of-year fundraising.

This month especially has so much potential for posts!

Build out a social media content calendar for this month and plan out some posts ahead of time, queue them up to post at the highest engagement times, and know that your social media is staying up to date without having to stress in the moment.

Check out canva.com to easily and quickly create posts AND schedule them in advance to multiple platforms.

A few tips for your posts

– make them fun! You don’t need to ‘sell’ as much as you think you do. People want to be able to connect, so give them that.
– Learn more about the best times to post on social media here: (it really does make a difference) https://blog.hubspot.com/…/best-times-post-pin-tweet…
– It is best practice to keep the majority of your text in the actual post (like where you’re seeing this). Make your graphics simple, not cluttered.

Happy posting!

If you’d like a refresher on how your website and social media should be working together, check out our blog post from September: https://sitesavvy.com/how-your-website-and-social-media…/

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Dec 1, 2022

Leah Lakey

As Site Savvy’s dedicated marketing expert, Leah is an outcome-focused team player with over 7 years experience managing client projects and completing general business and marketing tasks. Continually focused on leadership mentorship and self-improvement, she takes any opportunity she can to learn more and empower clients to improve their workflows. Email: leah@sitesavvy.com