You Should Be Blogging – Here’s How

We love teaching our clients how to use their website to its full potential. You know your business the best, so that’s why you should create content for it! We believe that you should take the culture you’ve created and put it into your words. You can always hire someone to do this, but will it come across as the tone of your business or will it sound cookie cutter?

First of all, adding consistent content to your site gives you a huge SEO boost; organically and freely. The more keywords you pump into your site, the more likely people will find you. And, the more active you are, the more you stand out.

Not quite sure what to post about? Here are some topics that we use:

  1. FAQ – Instead of answering the same question over and over, create one well-answered post for that question and then send a link of the post to any one else in the future that has that same question. Not only are you saving time and being efficient; you’re also training your clients to go to your website whenever they need something.
  2. Tips – Happen to be a pest control company? Why not post about easy tricks someone can use to spot certain types of insects? What about a bakery? Let people know how you bake that perfect cake every time without it going flat!
  3. Newsletters – Keep an archive of your newsletters that you send to your email list. When you email out newsletters to clients, include a few sentences and then provide a link to the newsletter you created on your site. Again, any chance you can at training your clients to use your site, the better!
  4. News – Have some new remodeling going on at your office; let people know! Did a local news station write an article about how great you are? Let people know about that too! Building relationships, being relatable and sharing personal wins makes happy clients turn into loyal clients.

Here’s how to post on a WordPress website:
Check out our how-to video.

  1. Login
  2. Click on Posts on the lefthand side
  3. Here you can see all of the previous posts you’ve created; drafts or live
  4. ‘Click Add New’ at the top
  5. Make sure you add a title, content, featured image, category, and publish date. (You can have it publish immediately, queue it up for another date/time, or backdate it)
  6. Now it will show up as the latest post on your Blog/News page!
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Jun 8, 2021

Leah Lakey