TIP OF THE MONTH | Plan out your marketing calendar

By Leah Lakey | December 1, 2022

December is here! It’s the height of the holiday season and the Month of Giving which pairs well with all of this end-of-year fundraising. This month especially has so much potential for posts! Build out a social media content calendar for this month and plan out some posts ahead of time, queue them up to…

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TIP OF THE MONTH | Reach out for Google Reviews

By Leah Lakey | November 1, 2022

It’s that time of the month again! Here’s your homework to start this November.  Did you know the #1 search engine in the world is Google? If you’re not capitalizing on getting Google reviews for your business listing, you are greatly missing out on a FREE opportunity to increase your search ranking; ie. more people…

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5 Steps to Our Website Design Process

By Leah Lakey | October 22, 2022

There are a lot of web designers out there which inevitably means they are all going to work differently and expect different things from you. We have realized that through our fair share of clientele and we decided to make it very clear about what we expect from you and what you should expect from…

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Premium Services: Post Launch Website Management

By Leah Lakey | October 18, 2022

So you have a new website; great! Now it’s time to just move on and go about normal business and forget about it, right? You already set it up, and it’s live, and people can visit it and learn more about your company and get a hold of you if they’re interested in your services.…

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TIP OF THE MONTH | Blog post ideas for October

By Leah Lakey | October 1, 2022

Search engines love when you are 1) not only constantly adding content to your site, but 2) filling it with keywords so you’re more likely to show up in search results. Here are some topic ideas to think about when creating a post for your website this October to help increase traffic:– fall/Halloween season– fun…

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How Your Website and Social Media Are a Team

By Leah Lakey | September 15, 2022

Should I post only on my social media platform?Should I post only on my website blog? Listen on Spotify: When I’m on Facebook, probably more than I should be, I often see companies with a booming social presence. They’re posting about events that they’ve put on, client testimonials, upcoming sales or discounts, live streams,…

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What is Branding Consistency?

By Leah Lakey | July 13, 2021

When people think of a brand, and are new to the idea of marketing, they usually think a logo alone IS the brand. A logo is just a small part of a companies brand. Specific colors, fonts, graphic styles, logo and pictures are all what makes up a brand. Once you have your brand created…

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11 Steps to Getting Noticed on Google My Business

By Leah Lakey | July 6, 2021

So, Google has developed over 130 apps. You have Gmail, Search, My Business, Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Calendar, Maps, Translate, Drive, Doc, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Meet, Ads, Google; I think you get the drift. There’s a lot out there and when you’re a business owner trying to figure out how to get noticed, Google…

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How To: Simple WordPress Updates

By Leah Lakey | June 29, 2021
Looking from above onto three people working on laptops and smartphones

Want to make a simple text change to your site? Here’s how to do it through your WordPress website when using the Beaver Builder page builder. We’ll show you how to edit basic text, update an image or even post for your blog.Watch our how-to video here. If you’re ever wanting to add a user…

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Google Business Listings + How to Add Users

By Leah Lakey | June 22, 2021

I dare you to find a friend or family member that has never heard of Google before! It’s so popular, that our society has even turned it into a verb — “Are you going to Google that?” “Well, I Googled this, and here’s what it said!” So obviously if you have a company, you’d probably…

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